Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2008-JAN-21

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Tue Jan 22 00:30:57 UTC 2008

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

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== Meeting Summary ==
  * Rawhide non-blocking freeze for Alpha late tonight
  * Alpha packages will NOT be signed with the testing key
     1. would add several days of additional delay to alpha release
     1. there is no checking at install time to verifiy signatures so it 
doesn't matter anyway
  * f13's plan for the day
     1. get a spin done with fixed dhcp6client
     1. publish the rescue.isos so that other people can test with it
     1. create the freeze tag and do the intial clone over to it so that 
the clone tonight will be quick

== IRC Transcript ==

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