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Re: rescue isos for use with today's rawhide

bloch verdurin com wrote:
<quote who="Jesse Keating">
In anticipation of the Alpha freeze tonight, I created a couple rescue
isos with an updated dhcpv6client package.  Using these rescue.isos you
can install today's rawhide.  Just choose to install vs rescue, and
pick the URL method and point to your friendly rawhide mirror (or nfs
and your local mirror).  Please yell and scream if you have issues with
your install (:

Is there a mirror known to be appropriate for that rescue image?  I've
tried two UK mirrors and download.fedora.redhat.com and in each case
Anaconda complains that the packages in the directory don't match the boot
media (the rescue .iso on a USB stick).


I would expect any mirror that is current to development *should* work for that.. make sure you're getting the full path to the top of the devel repo, i.e.


(or change architecture)

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