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Re: F8 to rawhide upgrade - yum python mismatch - repeatable

darrell pfeifer wrote:
In current rawhide, yum (or yum utils) has a dependency on a particular
python module, but it the python chunk isn't pulled in by the yum upgrade.
After upgrading yum, yum won't run any more.

I had a minimal F8 vmware VM, and yesterday intended to do a yum upgrade to get to rawhide. I installed fedora-release which gets me the fedora-development.repo and fedora-release files.
I then tried a yum check-update, and saw the heap of updates.
Next I yum update rpm* yum*, which seemed OK.
After that yum didn't work anymore.
rpm was still working, so I upgraded groups of packages at a time.

I managed to kill it in this process by running out of disk space while upgrading glibc, and others ;( and now she doesn't run commands or boot, I'm going to try again to get the error message.


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