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Re: selinux breaks revisor

2008/1/22 Benjamin Kreuter <ben kreuter gmail com>:
> On Tuesday 22 January 2008 08:16:22 Valent Turkovic wrote:
> >
> > Do I get a cookie now? :)
> >
> > Valent.
> >
> No, sorry, no cookies today.  Some of those appear to be duplicates; did you
> receive the same SELinux denial multiple times?
> -- Benjamin Kreuter


Please look at this screenshot - these AVC Denials are only from
running revisor.
Bold ones are the ones I still didn't report to bugzilla.

This is ridiculous - I can sit for next hour and just copy/paste
errors selinux spits out... and I have to do my work also :)

If it is crucial tell me and I'll post them tomorrow, but I still urge
you to look for your self why so much errors are occurring.


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