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Belated FUDCon Boston 2007 video postings

a few
things, but the videos were captured using dvgrab on a powerpc system, wh=
resulted in byte-swapped audio, which sounds rather HORRIFIC to the ears.=

Someone was kind enough to figure out how to fix it, but it took me forev=
er to
get around to actually fixing and compressing the videos, but they're now=

available on torrent.fedoraproject.org.

Of course, I was dumb enough to compress them with a codec that I don't
believe is available in Fedora proper, and the A/V sync is terrible, but =
marginally better than nothing, I guess...

Red Hat's Dan Walsh discusses how to debug problems with
selinux and write your own selinux rules.

Max Spevack's State of the Fedora presentation.

Quick overviews of the weekend's various hackfests.

Red Hat's Jeremy Katz shows off the kernel-based virtual machine (aka kvm=

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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