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Re: revisor - is this a bug or is it me?

On 1/22/08, Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
> On Jan 22, 2008 9:39 AM, Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
> > My intention was to recreate respin that was identical to official
> > one, only with never packages, that is why I didn't choose any
> > customization options.
> Fedora Unity people are doing this sort of re-spin already. The best
> people to talk to in terms of revisor usage are the Fedora Unity folks
> since they are most likely the people who are using it most
> frequently.
> Fedoraunity.org    and #fedora-unity on freenode irc network
> -jef

Ok, for usage I will go to them, but what about the bugs I reported
about? Fedora unity people aren't developing revisor AFAIK, or are


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