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Re: long term support release

David Mansfield wrote:
I'm fairly new to this list so if this is flame-bait, then I apologize.
I was wondering whether there is any possibility of having the
occasional 'long term support' (LTS) release of Fedora (say one every
two years or something) so that users can settle down with the distro
and actually become productive with it.

Well, I actually use Fedora in a strong production environment (power control office). The current policy (the EOL of F<n> is one month after the F<n+2>) provides me one year LTS (assuming the release is per half-year). Thus I just skip one release, i.e. FC1-->FC3-->FC5-->F7 .

One-year LTS is an acceptable compromise for me. But ideally, from the "production" point of view, I would prefer 9-month cycle (and hence 1.5year LTS) ...

Dmitry Butskoy

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