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Re: long term support release

On Jan 23, 2008 10:29 AM, David Mansfield <fedora dm cobite com> wrote:
> I've found it takes quite a while to find out the latest problems with
> the release (always wireless problems etc), get multimedia installed
> correctly, find out how the menus have been screwed up ;-) etc.  Also,
> if you have any 'install from source' programs, it's hit-or-miss as to
> whether they'll need to be recompiled, reinstalled and reconfigured, and
> in my 10 years experience, I've learned to never bring precompiled code
> from another platform over, even if the other platform is Fedora
> $(current-1).
> All this is fine, and I do it.  But I'd like to avoid it for, let's say,
> a HTPC where installing and configuring mythtv is going to take weeks to
> do.


No, really.  This is a problem you will get with any and every OS,
whether it is Wintendo or some random Linux distribution.  If this is
your number one priority, you'd probably best be served using OS X ;)

On the other hand, making RPMs for your own personal use, setting up a
build server, and pushing them to a private repo is pretty easy. You
could spend that week automating that troublesome process for once and
for all.  But you'll never shake the fact that someone's machine is
going to break in between releases, and it's impossible to test every
single machine in the world in two years, let alone six months.


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