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Re: long term support release

On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 10:52:19AM -0500, Eric Paris wrote:
> Limited?  5.2 basically has the latest upstream wireless stack. I think
> e1000 was bumped to latest upstream, and I know IPSec support was almost
> completely rereved.  I know some of the block device drives had gigantic

> very slow) enables lots of hardware every release.  Admittedly you need
> a lot of patience waiting for updates if you have the fedora speed
> mindset....

A nice thing would be to have a public yum repo for these as they happen 
and not after they've gone through the full QA/release process
(I know they're sometimes on people.redhat.com).

Could also just be something based on Fedora kernels. Just the kernel +
userspace that's absolutely required for the new kernel to work no matter
what kernel config options you enable/disable (hopefully close to zero). If
you need it, you enable it. If you don't, then stick with the base EL

You'd lose "Enterprise" stability, sure. But at least you'd only be
forced to reinstall when the userspace starts feeling obsolete, not in
6-12 months _always_ like Fedora. And WAY less effort required than trying to
do something that's between EL and Fedora. 

Pekka Pietikainen

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