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Re: An interesting read when discussing what to do about our bugs...

Once upon a time, Alan Cox <alan redhat com> said:
> I try to leave the RH bug open and even if I report it being an upstream
> problem then update it now and again with the status of things. That way
> people at least know something is happening and when it will be worth trying
> an update

Sometimes the RH bug owner _is_ upstream; I reported a bug in hal-info
data and didn't get a response yet, so I opened a bug upstream.  I think
it ended up owned by the same person.

One argument in favor of having the package owner report bugs upstream
is they presumably have a better idea about how and where, have bugzilla
accounts, etc.  They can filter the reports (so when Fedora users open
10 RH bug entries for the same problem, upstream only has to deal with
one report).  The package owner will also need to know when the bug has
been fixed to make an update (in some cases, end-users may need a
package owner to help build test packages as well).

Chris Adams <cmadams hiwaay net>
Systems and Network Administrator - HiWAAY Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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