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Re: InstantMirror needs a rethink

Warren Togami wrote:

Stepping back, what we really need is:
A reverse proxy caching server with all the logic of squid or varnish,
except it stores its cache with file and directory names intact.

How do we get there?
1) Write a new daemon from scratch?
2) Write a new backend storage engine for squid or varnish?  (Store
files in target directory structure, store metadata elsewhere.)
3) ???

Any thoughts?

I suspect that I don't quite understand the total problem-space you are attacking, but...

When I was playing around with squid, what seemed to bite me was that I couldn't do an http kickstart install, because I didn't see any way to get anaconda to use an http proxy configuration. I asked on either the anaconda or kickstart list, and never got an answer. I'm just wondering if anaconda could easily (does it already?) input an http proxy config to use, that would solve my needs just using the simplest squid config.


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