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Re: long term support release

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
2008/1/23 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:
On Wed, 23 Jan 2008 09:50:53 -0500
Chuck Anderson <cra WPI EDU> wrote:

Not really.  You have to wait ~6 months for the newest release to
stabalize before upgrading to it, so that cuts down the maintained
lifetime to only 6 months.
This is ridiculous BS that is self serving.  If everybody waited until
release+6M to try it out, the "safe" date would become release+12M, and
so on.  It's entirely a piss poor attitude and does nothing to better
the project.

Well in a large scale enterprise setting it could be 6 months BUT NOT
because of stability issues on Fedora side. Documenting, coming up
with security plans, support procedures for internal help desk,
testing that software works with internal applications etc usually
took us 2 months on EL with a lot of stuff 'fluffed' over as done by
upstream. In a Fedora setting it took a lot longer as we couldn't say
that there was a commercial entity doing that testing for us. Of
course that would also mean that the packages that came out for Fedora
8 would only get backported fixes etc versus getting updates to the
latest and greatest.

Which is a prime example of why its not *targeted as* a distribution for that use. Fedora is a showcase of advancing technologies in the linux space, thats what it is, a distribution for developers and innovators. With that understanding firmly set in place it makes sense that reviewing it for an enterprise setting would take longer.

Alot of people lose sight of what Fedora is I think (and this is not about your comments Stephen); it is a good distro for desktop use *only because* it showcases the newest improvements in UI, features, and capabilities.. making sure it competes^w out performs the windows space in usability and features. Fedora is not meant to be everybody's best desktop all the time, and alot of the complaints about the release cycle and 'alpha'ness of some software included stem directly from the assumption that Fedora is meant to be rock solid workhorse for people who don't want to pay for RHEL.

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