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Re: long term support release

David Mansfield <fedora <at> dm.cobite.com> writes:
> if you have any 'install from source' programs, it's hit-or-miss as to
> whether they'll need to be recompiled, reinstalled and reconfigured, and
> in my 10 years experience, I've learned to never bring precompiled code
> from another platform over, even if the other platform is Fedora
> $(current-1).

Well, at http://repo.calcforge.org/fedora/ I only rebuild the packages which 
actually need rebuilding for the newer Fedora (but if I build a new version for 
another reason, it will be built on the newer Fedora), there's at least one 
package which was built on Fedora Core 5 and still runs fine on Fedora 8.

Figuring out whether a package needs rebuilding is fairly easy: if it has 
broken dependencies, rebuild, if you try running it and it doesn't start up, 
rebuild, otherwise it's very likely not to need a rebuild, so just leave it as 
is and only rebuild if you (or somebody else using your builds, if any) notice 
any breakage.

        Kevin Kofler

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