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Re: Live images and fonts

Le Jeu 24 janvier 2008 14:57, Matthias Clasen a écrit :

> It suspiciously looks like a lot more - than +, so I'd appreciate some
> input on what needs to be fixed here.

You can check F8 and F9 changes in default fonts by diff-ing

and looking at the "fonts" group. You'll see what got bumped as
default (dejavu-full), what got demoted (dejavu-lgc), what got renamed
(all the indic font packages IIRC)

(though it would be nice to tag the exact comps version that gets in a
release, instead of diffing with post-release F8 comps changes)

I think your problem is all those changes have not been integrated by
the people in charge of the desktop spin package list, and you're
filtering the old F8 package list with the new F9 comps (though the -
before liberation is strange, it was not touched in any way except for
a version bump)


Nicolas Mailhot

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