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kdebase3-related broken dependencies (was: Re: rawhide report: 20080124 changes)

Build System <buildsys <at> redhat.com> writes:
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_ksmserver.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_kaccess.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_konsole.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_kprinter.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_kcontrol.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_kjobviewer.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_kcminit.so
> 	kdebase3 - 3.5.8-34.fc9.i386 requires libkdeinit_kcminit_startup.so
> 	kdebluetooth - 1.0-0.39.beta8.fc9.i386 requires /usr/bin/kdesu
> 	kscope - 1.6.1-3.fc9.i386 requires libkateutils.so.0
> 	kscope - 1.6.1-3.fc9.i386 requires libkateinterfaces.so.0
> 	ksmarttray - 0.52-53.fc9.i386 requires /usr/bin/kdesu

These should be back in kdebase3-3.5.8-35.fc9. So you don't have to do anything 
if your package is in the list _above_.

However, the following packages are either partly or entirely obsolete:
> 	compiz-kde - 0.6.2-6.fc9.i386 requires libkdecorations.so.1
(see also the discussion at 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE/Meetings/2008-01-22 for details about 
this one)
> 	crystal - 1.0.5-1.fc8.i386 requires libkdecorations.so.1
> 	dekorator - 0.3-3.fc7.i386 requires libkdecorations.so.1
> 	kicker-compiz - 3.5.4-4.fc8.i386 requires libkickermain.so.1
> 	kicker-compiz - 3.5.4-4.fc8.i386 requires libtaskmanager.so.1
> 	ksplash-engine-moodin - 0.4.2-4.fc7.i386 requires libksplashthemes.so.0
> 	smb4k - 0.8.7-3.fc9.i386 requires libkonqsidebarplugin.so.1
(There is no KWin 3, Kicker, KSplash 3 or Konqueror 3 in Fedora 9. The 
libraries were still there, but not actually useful.)

Packages which are entirely obsolete should be retired according to the 
procedure at:
(Or, if there's a KDE 4 version available, they should get upgraded as soon as 
possible. If a package is retired and a KDE 4 version becomes available later, 
it can always be resurrected.)

Packages which are only partly obsolete should be fixed to have the obsolete 
parts removed.

        Kevin Kofler

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