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Re: Yum, Proxy Cache Safety, Storage Backend

Les Mikesell wrote:
The yum developers have an erroneous assumption that only "broken" proxies are at fault for yum problems. I have described at the beginning of this thread that this assumption is false. *Any* proxy server that does caching will occasionally cause the partial sync yum failure, or resigned RPMS will cause a failure.

I'm missing something here. A cache is only going to resend what it got the first time. If the first user got the right thing, so will the second. If the first user got something wrong, don't blame the cache for it.

Fortunately, the yum developers were already thinking about using unique (probably SHA1) names of repodata as of yum-3.2.9 for other reasons. This should solve the common partial sync failure in Fedora 9+.

This should be needed to fix the first user's problem as much as subsequent ones.

Read the original post of this thread again. You completely missed the point of that post, which was NOT your problem at all.


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