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Re: Yum, Proxy Cache Safety, Storage Backend

On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 14:28 -0600, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > 
> >> But you are doing things that aren't guaranteed to work in the first 
> >> place.  All the cache does is expand the window for breakage a bit.
> > 
> > You're perfectly right. Smart web clients know the internet can shift
> > under their feet and refresh files in case of problems instead of
> > failing horribly on users (in the browser case you have a big refresh
> > button for this reason). Though smart web designers know client
> > refreshes are expensive and limit the refresh needs by avoiding to reuse
> > the same filenames for different stuff.
> Getting a bit off the original topic here, but the "other" thing I've 
> always wished yum could do is "repeatable" updates.  That is, the 
> ability to update one machine, test some things, then update another and 
>   get only the same set of changes even if some newer packages had been 
> subsequently added to the repos.  Currently I believe the only way to do 
> this is to mirror the entire set of repos in each state that you might 
> want to re-use.  Perhaps some transactioning info could fix both things 
> at once.

If a newer set of pkgs has been added to the repo you can specify the
one you want to install using the complete ver-rel string.

If the older packages are no longer available there's not much yum can

You can pass around sets of specific things to do from machine to
machine using a 'yum shell' script.


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