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Re: Replacing the boot kernel in the installer

On 23/01/2008, David Boles <dgboles gmail com> wrote:

> You don't have to. The Fedora Unity respins are jigdo. They take the
> packages from your original Fedora 8 DVD that have not changed, download
> the updates, and then makes you a new iso with those combined. Then you
> burn your new DVD.

That was the point, I didn't have a DVD, and wanted to do a minimal
base install, then add the updates repo, and yum groupinstall the
desktop and development tools (much less to download than the full

> You only download the updates. Which you would have to do after the
> install anyway.

On the plus side, I had Everything plus the updates mirrored at home,
so I did the jigdo dance last night and created an image. All bar 71
packages were found, I take it the others are superceded by newer
updates ...

Now, when I came to burn the DVD tonight, I had great fun. k3b (and by
implication growisofs) have terrible trouble finishing a burn, and
when they do it's quite slow. On the other hand xcdroast managed to
burn the whole thing at 4x ...

Thanks for the help guys, I have all I need now. Shame I couldn't get
the boot disk to work :-)

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