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Re: Opinion: Preferred Applications & Removable Drives and Media

On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 01:49 +0100, Mark wrote:
> > But thanx for the help. now i know what i have to do.
> Hmm.. just a minor issue.
> I've just updated totem and now i can choose that a few times in the
> media list as well (including dvd video) but i don't see a option
> there to run a command. Isn't it handy to have that option there if
> none of the other options suit you?

Not really. If there are particular applications that you'd like to see
listed (say, you wanted Thoggen or OGMRip to be launched instead of
Totem when inserting a video DVD), then file a bug against the package
or the upstream program.

Entering commands by hand is for geeks.

> Or what else do i have to do to get another application to show up in that list?
> and is this conforming a standard from freedesktop? if so: which one?

Only GNOME programs implement this right now, but all the Fedora GUI
applications should be using this, just like they all have .desktop
files, so say KDE apps can be integrated into Nautilus as well as GNOME

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