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Re: selinux breaks revisor

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

If you really don't trust the RPMs you're about to compose, then run the
compose on a throw away host - just re-kickstart it after execution.

Forgot to reply to this piece, which is quite relevant.

What I'm doing is precisely that- but much less, and 100% automated. Instead of using a throwaway kickstarted host, I'm using a throwaway initramfs that has the minimal files needed to losetup/loadpolicy/mkfs/chroot. (and seperately boot rescue iso and do an http install from an http server running as the same user running qemu)

And by doing it in qemu, I can do all of this with a command-line, run as non-root, perhaps on a headless remote server running centos/rhel, that if it had a soul, would feel slightly dirty having had hundreds of fedora rpms installed as root under a chroot.

No doubt xen can be coaxed to do the same thing, but again, I love the simplicity and flexibility of qemu.


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