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Re: long term support release

On Fri, 25 Jan 2008 10:47:11 +0100, Emmanuel Seyman wrote:

> * Ralf Corsepius [25/01/2008 10:31] :
> >
> > Do you have the TBytes to host it, do you have dozens of mirrors, do you
> > have the bandwidth, do you have the man-power to administrate the
> > buildsystem?
> Were I interested in Fedora LTS, I'll start looking for server space and
> bandwidth (man-power isn't exactly a technical ressource). And, yes,
> I'm certain I could find enough to get started.
> > Have a look at rpmfusion - Despite they are working on it for months,
> > AFAICT, trying to copy/reuse the fedoraproject.org infrastructure it's
> > still not up.
> Is copying the Fedora infrastructure really the showstopper ?
> Last I heard, it was hardware problems and lack of man-power.

Do you expect anyone outside the Fedora Project to duplicate existing
Fedora Infrastructure, such as bugzilla, CVS+FAS, lookaside cache,
buildsys for multiple architectures, master repos, introduce a new GPG
key, switch mailing-lists, advertise the whole thing as a non-Fedora
project? That would make it much more difficult.

Well, I'm sceptical that there would be enough volunteers to offer Fedora
LTS free of charge, even if the Fedora Project permitted use of their
infrastructure. Fedora LTS would compete with CentOS+EPEL and would lead
to even more mass-builds. Still, a discussion of Fedora LTS should start
with outlining guarantees (or less strictly, the concrete project
goals/promises), policies, procedures, and a gathering of people with
strong interest in such a project. Long before determining whether
infrastructure is the last thing that holds up the project.

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