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Re: long term support release

* Michael Schwendt [25/01/2008 11:35] :
> Do you expect anyone outside the Fedora Project to duplicate existing
> Fedora Infrastructure, such as bugzilla, CVS+FAS, lookaside cache,
> buildsys for multiple architectures, master repos, introduce a new GPG
> key, switch mailing-lists, advertise the whole thing as a non-Fedora
> project? That would make it much more difficult.

No, that's just the burden that rpmfusion.org has imposed on itself.

IMHO, the minimal requirements are :

- a bugtracker
- a VCS
- at least two mailing-lists (for users and developpers, respectively)
- a web/ftp repo

All of which shouldn't take more than a few hours to setup on Fedora,
CentOS or RHEL.

This doesn't scale well, if at all and you're going to run into bandwidth
problems very soon if you're the slightest bit succesful but this should
get you started. And, as you've pointed out, an LTS project will start
having human problems long before it has infrastructure ones.


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