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[ANSWER] Fonts and Fedora spins


To all the Fedora spin maintainers out there, please note the following:

1. The main fonts group was changed from base-x to fonts at Fedora 8

2. This change may not have been obvious then because font packages
were moved progressively, but it is pretty effective now.

3. Current fonts comps organisation is described in
(as reviewed by FESCO)

- distro-wide modern fonts are in the fonts group
- distro-wide legacy fonts are in legacy-fonts
- script-specific fonts are in the corresponding localization groups

There are still some fonts leftovers in base-x that no one dared nuke
yet, but they're only used by non-fontconfig legacy apps.

Therefore if you only include base-x in your spin as in pre-Fedora 8
times your font selection is going to be underwhelming


Nicolas Mailhot

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