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Re: long term support release

Jesse Keating wrote:

How about a slight variation on the fedora LTS plan that might vastly reduce the needed work and let people keep running without the
dangers of going without security fixes?  What if the versions
supported were the ones used as the base of the RHEL cuts, and the
subsequent updates were recompiled from the CentOS source RPM's?
There's a certain amount of incest or irony there, depending on how
you look at it, but isn't re-using work what free software is
supposed to be all about?

In some cases you might need to re-enable some features removed in
RHEL (as CentosPlus does with the kernel) but the changes should all
be pretty obvious to someone with both source packages.  And it would
be nice if additional feature-enabled packages made it into the
Centosplus repo in the cases where a fedora packager wanted to
maintain them.

I could see why RH might oppose this for business reasons - but if that's the case they should just say so.

What's the point?  Just the warm/fuzzy of being able to say "It's
Fedora!" ?

Yes, it would be a big win for the fedora 'brand' perception to make it actually usable instead of just a rolling alpha/beta for RHEL. If you are going to argue that such a perception shouldn't exist, just say so instead of claiming that it's too hard or that failed earlier attempts prove it can't be done.

> With EPEL you can get just about all the functionality you
need, with a few minor exceptions.  I'm not sure I get the point of
rebuilding things again and pushing them out through a different update

That's *if* you uninstall fedora and re-install RHEL or CentOS, and then locate and install all of the matching packages you had, which may or may not be possible and it's certainly not easy. Shouldn't you reward the people who survived the wild and crazy changes that fedora makes in the first 2 revs after the RHEL cuts with a version that continues to run for a while without security worries? I think this would attract a lot more fedora users and be a good thing all the way around. Now for a *really* warm/fuzzy about the free software community, you could just converge this version's update repo with the corresponding EPEL/centos/centosplus repo contents and make them end up the same without a re-install or any duplication of infrastructure at all. I haven't done a whole lot of cross-rebuilding, but off the top of my head I can't think of anything that wouldn't work unchanged between FC6/Centos5 and if there are any they are probably artifacts of post-cut fedora-side updates to FC6 that wouldn't have necessarily been done with a converged plan.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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