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Headsup: new API breaking libgda on its way to rawhide


I'm working on updating gnumeric to the stable 1.8.x version, however in true gnumeric fashion (they've done this before). This requires the development version of libgda-3.1.2.

This sounds worse then it is as the development version has mainly received bugfix and for the mostly libgda-3.0.so.3 its fully compatible with the 3.0.x series, the main reason why its a development series is because the API of
libgda-report-3.0.so.3 has changed (but not the soname ???).

This probably affects the following packages:

I say probably because there are false positives in this list, the libgda-3.0.1 .pc file contains:
-lgda-report-3.0 -lgda-3.0 -lgdasql-3.0

Which causes all applications linking to libgda to depend on gda-report-3.0, even though they most likely in reality do not.

One of the fixes in the new libgda-3.1.2, is that the .pc file now only contains:
-lgda-3.0 -lgdasql-3.0

And a new seperate libgda-report-3.0.pc has been added. For example of a false positive caused by this, "rpmlint libgnomedb" gives the following on a system with libgnomedb installed: libgnomedb.i386: W: unused-direct-shlib-dependency /usr/lib/libgnomedb_graph-3.0.so.4.0.0 /usr/lib/libgda-report-3.0.so.3

So libngomedbmm most likely is a false positive to, still when in doubt do a rebuild. I'll send another mail once the new libgda is available in the buildroot.

Thanks & Regards,


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