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Re: long term support release

Jesse Keating wrote:

If an "LTS" release doesn't guarantee stability and timely security
updates, it shouldn't be called LTS.  Maybe "Extended Support" or
"More Volunteer Updates". But not LTS...
The name is not the issue, as long as it is understood that it is a
volunteer based project. It isn't in the fedora name, but fedora is a
volunteer based project.

What earthly reason would you have to run some old code set, with not
even close to guaranteed updates, let alone timely ones, with little
man power behind it, and the opportunity to be ignored by most package

Here's the reason: you have a new computer with hardware supported in fedora but not the current RHEL/Centos release - or you need some software feature provided in the newer fedora apps so you install fedora. A year passes and you've installed an assortment of additional apps and perhaps written some of your own. Everything you need is working nicely, but now your security updates end. Your 'some old code set' description doesn't quite match what people care about - they want a code set that meets certain needs and once that is installed and working they don't care if a prettier new version with new bugs happens to be available. But people will be installing that on new computers or new situations where they need a feature.

And why aren't those reasons satisfied with RHEL/CentOS which doesn't
have these problems?

After the RHEL/Centos version is released that includes the needed features, this can work. However, people probably have better things to do than reinstall their OS and duplicate a year or more's worth of tracking down 3rd party apps and tweaking their own.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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