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Re: long term support release

Horst H. von Brand wrote:

The scheme that would make sense to me would be to make the update
switch to 'stable mode' at end of life by default, retaining the app
versions supported in the enterprise disto since this takes
essentially no extra effort,

Nonsense. The versions in Fedora have by then drifted far from the
"enterprise distro".

What do you mean 'by then'? What was different in FC6 at the time of the RHEL5 release? What difference would have been required if this transition had been planned?

And keeping them up to date is /hard/ (that is what
people are paying for RHEL, essentially).

Or getting for free with CentOS - so why keep them from getting it for free with fedora?

                             and concentrate new volunteer effort on
building current 'fedora-version' apps that could optionally be
installed over the enterprise base.

And said new versions require new infrastructure (new libc, new Gnome, new
X, ...; yes, ABIs /do/ change without you being aware), and are built to
different environments (font/icon/... files are now elsewhere, new SELinux
layout, configuration conventions have changed, ...).

Yes, there are transitions that wouldn't be possible - which is a huge problem itself that probably can't realistically be fixed, but what about the ones that would be possible? That is, can you build a current firefox and OpenOffice for FC6 or RHEL5 today, and if so, why can't they be in a repo somewhere?

                                     If the latter effort fails,
you've still got a solid, working version.

If you want "solid, working", why are you messing around with
"bleeding-edge apps"?!

Why are people writing 'bleeding-edge' apps if there is no reason to use them? A desktop app that crashes once in a while is not a huge problem - and wouldn't be a problem at all if there were an option to drop back to a more stable version. A machine that won't boot or a device driver that no longer talks to my hardware is.

   Les Mikesell
     lesmikesell gmail com

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