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Re: Headsup: new API breaking libgda on its way to rawhide

Hi all,

For those who have packages to rebuild because of the libgda change, libgda is in the F-9 buildroot now.



Hans de Goede wrote:

I'm working on updating gnumeric to the stable 1.8.x version, however in true gnumeric fashion (they've done this before). This requires the development version of libgda-3.1.2.

This sounds worse then it is as the development version has mainly received bugfix and for the mostly libgda-3.0.so.3 its fully compatible with the 3.0.x series, the main reason why its a development series is because the API of
libgda-report-3.0.so.3 has changed (but not the soname ???).

This probably affects the following packages:

I say probably because there are false positives in this list, the libgda-3.0.1 .pc file contains:
-lgda-report-3.0 -lgda-3.0 -lgdasql-3.0

Which causes all applications linking to libgda to depend on gda-report-3.0, even though they most likely in reality do not.

One of the fixes in the new libgda-3.1.2, is that the .pc file now only contains:
-lgda-3.0 -lgdasql-3.0

And a new seperate libgda-report-3.0.pc has been added. For example of a false positive caused by this, "rpmlint libgnomedb" gives the following on a system with libgnomedb installed: libgnomedb.i386: W: unused-direct-shlib-dependency /usr/lib/libgnomedb_graph-3.0.so.4.0.0 /usr/lib/libgda-report-3.0.so.3

So libngomedbmm most likely is a false positive to, still when in doubt do a rebuild. I'll send another mail once the new libgda is available in the buildroot.

Thanks & Regards,


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