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Re: Minor (but easily fixed) bugs for someone?

Chris Adams wrote:
I've got a few minor bugs in bugzilla that would be nice to have fixed
before F9 (and in F7 and/or F8).  These are minor things with fixes
and/or patches included in the BZ entry, but nothing has apparently been
done by the maintainers.  I'm not a maintainer myself (one of these days
when I get some round tuits and am not so lazy maybe I'll be one), but
these all seem to be 5 minute or less fixes.

- radiusclient-ng: bug in Fedora patch (fix attached)

- hal-info: missing entry (in comment but not actual config)

- NetworkManager/hal: changing system LC_COLLATE (and possibly other
  i18n settings) breaks startup

Is there a better way to poke people on these other than BZ?  I know
everybody is busy, but I don't know if I should be doing something else
to get these fixed.  I'd be happy to help any way that I can.

I'm always happy to spend some time fixing things like this. But I don't own any of these package. So if their resp. owners are ok with me jumping in and fixing these, let me know. In that case please also give me the necessary rights in packagedb (FAS account jwrdegoede) or open up the package to the cvsextras group.



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