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Re: long term support release

On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 12:35:35PM -0900, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> On Jan 25, 2008 9:28 AM, Patrice Dumas <pertusus free fr> wrote:
> > Ok, I am very sorry for the noise, I didn't understood that. It
> > satisfies me completely... I personnally don't need this so I won't lead
> > it, but I could help and I would take care of my packages in that setting.
> Okay I'm going to be very very frank for a second.
> It frustrates the absolute crap out of me to see aggressively vocal
> proponents of an idea, falling back into the background after going
> through 3 or 4 rounds of painful discourse instead of stepping up and
> attempting to lead.  I don't care if i personally agree with the ideas

I was never an aggressively vocal proponent of that idea. I was
agressively proponent of letting the fedora contributors decide for
themselves if they want to contribute to an Update Distro after EOL.
I think that it is important for the distro, and it is in itself a task
that uses a lot of energy. Of course it would be better if I could lead
that effort, but if you look at what I said it was never my point of
view. I also had similar talks about diversity in fedora, though I won't
lead every project that is not in 'mainstream' fedora direction (like
this Update Distro after EOL). It may be frustrating to read what I say
since I criticize when people say 'we should only do that' and I don't
step up that often to help those who wnat to do differently, but I
simply don't have time.

> It more than frustrates me, it hurts...deeply... because this kills
> forward momentum.  

Why? I was pretty clear that I would help as much as I could by
maintaining all the packages I have interest in (just like what I do in
EPEL), it involves packages from others and even some from former core.
But once again I have already too much packages I follow I cannot
additionally lead such an initiative, especially when I won't use the

> I'm much more inclined to bend over backwards to
> grease the wheels, with my own blood even, for someone who is
> committed to making the effort to lead an idea, than I am to even hold
> a door open for someone who just wants to talk about it.

Once again I was mistakenly thinking that people in the boards didn't
want to let the door open, and to me this was the first thing to agree
on before anybody can move on, and I was devoting my time to convince
fedora people to accept the initiative such that people who don't want
to argue but are ready to do the work can actually do it. It looks like
I lost everybody time because things were allready agreed and now all
that remains is to do the work.
> This project has an infinite things that it 'could' do.  But we

In that case, I was mistaken, but I was under the impression that there
was some fundamental opposition, and that it wasn't only an issue of
manpower. I was wrong, sorry.

> absolute need people who will lead those efforts. People passionate
> about that area, who can build up communities of volunteers to keep
> the work moving.     Please, I'm begging you, direct your passion on
> an area you can lead and if you do that I'll do what I can to help you
> recruit users and contributors to increase the impact of your efforts.

I understand that it would be better if I had time to really do all the
work corresponding with the ideas I support, but I think that arguing to
help fedora (hopefully) go in the right direction is already an
interesting task, and if I volunteer I don't think that it is wrong.


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