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Re: long term support release

On Jan 26, 2008 1:44 AM, Ralf Corsepius <rc040203 freenet de> wrote:

> Sigh, I am repeating myself over and over again: Back then, I did offer
> to contribute to Fedora Legacy under the "Fedora hood" when if it had
> used the Fedora infrastructure.

Legacy, to my knowledge, never used the Fedora infrastructure, so I'm
not sure what you're saying here.
> Unfortunately, FESCO/FAB/FPB and RH shot any such proposal down and
> insisted on keeping Legacy a separate project, using its own
> infrastructure etc. Someday, out of blue sky, Legacy had been closed
> down.

I dunno how many times we have to repeat ourselves here for you to get
it.  Jeff (a Fedora Board member) has repeatedly said on this thread
"if you can get interested people together, then let's talk".  Jesse
Keating, of releng, said:

"This is what Jeff has been saying over and over.  Come up with a plan
and people, and the board/releng/infrastructure will see what we can
do to help, if we can help."

I'm not sure how much more clear you can get that there is not
"institutional opposition" to such an idea.  I really hate to toot my
own horn, in general, but I feel that it's an appropriate example in
this case.

I came to Fedora to do bug triage.  I *very* quickly realized that
there was a lack of a viable triage group within Fedora.  Therefore, I
complained.  It went to FAB, where everyone agreed that there was lack
of leadership in this area, so I volunteered to step up to the plate.
This is the part that you're lacking, Ralf.  I started to build a
community around the problem, and while there is a lot of work yet to
be done in order to say I've been even somewhat successful, it's well
on it's way.

The motto of the story?  "Put up or shut up".  I chose to put up.  Will you?

> I tried to propose "extending Fedora's life time under community
> control" as a compromise which I consider to be easily bought-in.

It is.

> Unfortunately, I am facing fierce opposition and feel machine-gunned, by
> a Fedora leadership of which I feel hasn't comprehended the powers of
> community support in open source.

I don't get it.  I believe that the current Fedora leadership knows
very well the value and power of community in open source.  Just look
at who was selected to be the next Fedora Project Leader - not someone
who's been sitting inside Red Hat forever, but rather a trusted
community leader.

I feel you guys, are thinking in terms

> Openly said, in front of this background, I feel this Fedora leadership,
> esp. the @RHs within it (probably due to their corporite background),
> are standing in their own way.

I really don't see this from where I sit.

> Consider all proposals I made withdrawn - You shot them down.

I don't think that anyone has shot any of them down.  I think what has
occurred here is that it's been said that you are DRASTICALLY
underestimating the level of effort required in order to make this
work (which is true), and in fact you're sort of wishy-washy of the
goals of such a project.

Feel free to flame me.

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