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space on the live cds

As usual, the live cd isos don't fit...

I've spent some time last night looking for suspicious dependencies,
etc. Here are some of the things I spotted:

* Some devel packages get dragged in:
  - policycoreutils-gui pulls in selinux-policy-devel, which in turn
    pulls in checkpolicy. Why ?
  - mono-winforms pulls in libgdiplus-devel

* Some other questionable dependencies:
  - man pulls in diffutils just so that man -a can optionally
    use /usr/binb/cmp
  - ekiga pulls in SDL ? 

* Packages which appear too large for other reasons
 - About half the size of mono-core seems to be .mdb files. Isn't 
   that debuginfo and should go in a -debuginfo package ?
 - opal contains the largest shared library by far. Something must
   go really wrong with the autogenerated C++ code there. The library
   contains > 35.000 symbols...
 - ghostscript ships the next largest shared library. From the looks
   of it, this is because it includes copies of libpng, libjpeg, 
   libjasper and libz....


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