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Re: long term support release

Andrew Farris wrote:
I was perfectly happy with RH 6.2, and most of what I do now I could do
there, so this can't really be an issue.

         A year passes and you've installed an assortment of
additional apps and perhaps written some of your own.

Upgrade to next Fedora. Gets easier each time around. A bit of foresight
when installing originally helps much here.

Precisely. The update or upgrades are essentially very simple to handle when you've got a sane partitioning scheme setup.

I _really_ have to believe that you haven't run fedora over any span of time across a variety of hardware with an assortment of additional software installed.

Anyone running Fedora (and especially anyone testing updates or rawhide) that does not have their home on a separate partition is nuts (or new to that concept). If you have /etc/ /root and /home where they can be safely backed up and restored, then nuking your entire system for a fresh install is a couple hours of work at best.

I just fail to see how anyone interested in running Fedora at all cannot find a few hours every 6 months to handle that.

Some people might have better things to do - unless that's an offer to come over and do the upgrades for me if you really believe it's that easy. The problem is that upgrades do not go smoothly, and if yours have so far it is a matter of luck. I've had disk controller drivers missing or broken, firewire access wildly unpredictable, and after finding hardware to move to, still had to spend days tracking down corresponding driver modules, perl modules, installing java, etc. to get back to where I was before.

Maybe it's just old fashioned, but I'd prefer that the computer work for me instead of the other way around.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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