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Re: Fedora Education Spin

On Jan 26, 2008 10:02 AM, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
> There is probably quite a lot of overlapping content (there are more additions
> than ltsp) and k12ltsp has a fairly large installed base so it might be
> worthwhile to combine efforts.

I would encourage this.  If Sebastian can take his spin work and
collaborate with  k12ltsp to produce something with them, then I think
we have a much stronger team effort going forward.  That being said,
its pefectly okay to experiment with a cd and a DVD spin, and then
we'll figure out how to make them better.

Speaking of which, you know what would be cool... for some spins that
we know are in the half-baked phase, it would be cool if there was an
icon on the desktop that basically sent the spin user to a feedback
questioniare about the spin.  So we can get feedback from people
who..took it for a spin..but don't plan to keep using it.  I'll make a
mental note to myself to remember to bring that up with people who
could possibly make that possible.

I need to get my head around everyone attempting to do something as
part of Fedora in the 'educational' space.   I know warren is driving
technical packaging bits so we can get k12ltsp in to the distro (and
I've failed to help there), but outside of that I'd like to hear about
people attempting to make use of Fedora in any educational situation.
For example learning more about Chitlesh's booth at 'Science Days'
would be interesting.


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