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Re: long term support release

Bruno Wolff III wrote:

What do you mean 'lack of care'? I buy hardware based on price and capability, then pick an OS that will run on it. I can't afford to do it the other way around.

That seems like an odd way to do things. Normally one starts with apps,
then OS, then hardware. Even for the cost conscious, the extra cost of
buying hardware that will work versus what won't is very minimal.

Most hardware these days comes with a working OS and most apps can be built to run under all of the popular OS's. If fedora can't run as well or better, I just don't run fedora on it. The OS is generally the least interesting part of the equation.

There are issues related to this. Finding out what hardware works can be a
pain. There are regressions, so that you can buy hardware that worked
with the current version when you bought it, that stops working (at least
for a while) with updates or worse later versions.

Yes, an OS that changes every few months isn't the place to start your long term decisions.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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