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Package Versioning Feedback


I wanted to start my own little project and wanted some feedback from
the community who've had much dealings with versioning. My plan is to
use a versioning system similar to most (digits separated by a dot
character) with each successive number being less significant. The only
change in semantics is that the most minor number would be interpreted

0 = Alpha
1 = Beta
3+ = Stable

I thought this might be a better way of dealing with projects which
transition to a greater major number. Systems which use .99+ to
designate "almost next major" aren't easy to test as the next major
version (since the computer parses the major version and sees the
previous major version.

Some systems increase the major and tack on the word "alpha" or
"beta" ... which screws up the computer's sorting mechanism (is alpha >

My question is: will there be any problems with packaging systems like
rpm and yum using such a scheme?

Richi Plana

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