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Re: InstantMirror needs a rethink

On Jan 23, 2008 7:02 PM, Warren Togami <wtogami redhat com> wrote:
> Today InstantMirror is pretty useful for home and small office mirrors,
> but its limitations make it unsustainable without manual intervention of
> the sysadmin.
> Any thoughts?

Should InstantMirror be for more than home and small office mirrors?

I've been using InstantMirror at home for several machines and even
more test instances here and there and it has performed a valuable
function for me without the need to mirror Fedora repos.  I would be
comfortable using InstantMirror in a small office setting as well.

InstantMirror offered a quick way to cache updates used by the
majority of my machines locally with only a few minutes of setup time.
 For home users or small office users this is a quick way to provide
the benefit of locally cached updates without needing to consume large
amount of bandwidth or time to setup a local mirror via rsync.

At some point, a place that runs into some of the issues you outlined
will have outgrown InstantMirror and want to move to a more
traditional rsync'ed local mirror.  Both to avoid issues with
InstantMirror as they outgrow it and to make it easier to deal with
the larger variation in packages needed by various local machines.


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