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Re: long term support release

Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
> Andrew Farris wrote:


> >> Upgrade to next Fedora. Gets easier each time around. A bit of foresight
> >> when installing originally helps much here.

> > Precisely.  The update or upgrades are essentially very simple to
> > handle when you've got a sane partitioning scheme setup.

> I _really_ have to believe that you haven't run fedora over any span
> of time across a variety of hardware

I'm running Red Hat since Red Hat 3 or so, and then Fedora from 1. On an
rather wide variety of machines (Alpha, SPARC and SPARC64, i386 to i686,
x86_64, single/double/8x processor, ...). All the way as machines in a
computer lab, day-to-day workstation, and servers.

And yes, upgrading used to be a pain, but is is getting easier all the time.

>                                       with an assortment of additional
> software installed.

That I learned not to do in the RH 4-5 timeframe, especially not "self
compiled from source". What limited stuff I have locally is packaged as
self-built RPMs that I can update easily.
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