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Re: Yum, Proxy Cache Safety, Storage Backend

tor 2008-01-24 klockan 09:29 -0500 skrev James Antill:

>  At the personal level this is likely better solved by having something
> like "Have a zero-conf like service to share pacakges across the local
> network". There has even been some work to do this.

Wild idea:

A yum plugin that short-circuits any downloading where the expected
checksum of the data is known beforehand. It would first ask on the
local network for the file, providing:

      * The baseurl or mirrorlist url.
      * The path relative to the root of the repo.
      * The name of the file.
      * The expected checksum.

If no yum cache service is available on the network, no such service has
a suitable file or the request times out (a short timeout, 1 second
perhaps), the plugin would fall back to the baseurl or mirrors as usual.

It would check both the checksum of the file and the GPG key (unless
you've disabled that) so security-wise it shouldn't be much worse than
just downloading the file from somewhere via FTP/HTTP.

For the client, just install/enable the plugin and you're done. The
server part could just serve data out of /var/cache/yum if it's there
and the repo has been marked as public in the yum repo config. Maybe
just run it on all hosts as well, marking all fedora repos as public by


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