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Re: InstantMirror needs a rethink

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:

Most places will have a transparent proxy with no additionnal Linux or
RH-specific setup. Instantmirror or rsync local mirrors assume the
infrastructure is designed around Fedora, when in fact Fedora installs
have often started unofficially bottom up. It is critical for Fedora
market penetration that those initial stealth installations go well
without someone bothering the IT teams with them (because their first
reaction will be to ban anything unofficial that gives them more work).

I can see larger networks having transparent proxies and such setup,
but the home user enthusiast or small business?  I don't think they
would be as likely.  I see InstantMirror of filling a niche for the
small office or home user enthusiast as a low barrier entry into
caching updates locally.  There is a thread on fedora-list now with a
Fedora user looking to setup some form of caching for updates and such
[1].  InstantMirror seems an option to fit these need well.

Anyone who could set up InstantMirror could just as easily start a squid and run:
http_proxy=http://my_proxy:3128 yum update
The issue that squid is somewhat more complicated to configure is offset by the fact that it is also generally useful for other caching/proxy tasks.

This is more to the point I was trying to make.  Should InstantMirror
be trying to be the perfect Fedora-specific mirroring setup?  I think
it is a good tool for the small office and home user enthusiast niche.

What's the point of a fedora-specific anything? Extra work just to make fedora behave in a real-world infrastructure? Why not make a configuration tool for squid and make yum behave better with proxies instead? That way things 'just work' in the many locations that already have local caching proxies without storing yet another copy and places that don't have one could easily. Fedora could be providing a generally useful tool to a small office instead of requiring the extra work of a distro-specific package setup.

 The ones just looking to cache updates locally with minimal fuss
without the need to maintain a full fledged local mirror or implement
a transparent proxy.

The proxy doesn't have to be configured to be transparent, but that can be a useful option too.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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