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Re: InstantMirror needs a rethink

Le dimanche 27 janvier 2008 à 11:11 -0600, Les Mikesell a écrit :

> Yum can/does use an http proxy if you either explicitly configure it or 
> export http_proxy=http://my_proxy:port in the environment.  However the 
> default mirrorlist behavior will randomize the URLs so different 
> machines behind the proxy will make different requests that will be 
> cached but not reused.

This particular bit could be solved by replacing the current mirrorlist

with REST-like URLs (using redirects in Apache, whatever)

In the first case the proxy knows the mirrorlist is dynamic and won't
cache it (causing different clients in the network to use different

In the second case it will cache it as any other static page, directing
every client behind the proxy to the same source.

Bonus points for figuring what is the right expire value to send with
those pages to control proxy source balancing. 


Nicolas Mailhot

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