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Re: space on the live cds

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> As usual, the live cd isos don't fit...

Please give the raw data:  ls -l *.iso

The amount of overage can influence the attempted remedies
(drop packages, etc.)  Also, older burners can become unreliable
near the outer edge, so the difference between MiB and MB matters:
   700MiB   734,003,200 bytes   (700*1024*1024)
   700MB    700,000,000 bytes   (667MiB)

Some users choose a 1GB USB flash memory device instead of a
physical CD-ROM, and often they don't care about a 700MB limit.
Besides, USB2.0 flash memory is faster; time from auto boot
to login for Fedora-8-LiveCD:
    139 sec  "32x" CD-ROM (4.5MB/s max, 110 milliseconds/seek)
     50 sec  USB2.0 flash memory (10MB/s read, 15 microseconds/seek)

After that, why does Fedora not use compression like KNOPPIX?
Using the cloop device with gzip fits a filesystem of about 1.2GB
onto a CD-ROM, while lzma often can squeeze in another 15% or more.


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