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Re: InstantMirror needs a rethink

On Jan 27, 2008 11:05 AM, Warren Togami <warren togami com> wrote:
> Today:
> Hey great!  I installed InstantMirror and it is working great!  That was
> easy!
> 3 months from now:
> Hey, why did all my applications stop working?

So the wiki page is going to be updated to reflect that everyone
should stop using the tool now as in three months there will be
catastrophic failure?

I was not suggesting that there be no improvements made to the tool to
clean up some of the issues you outlined, including these two:

- There is no good way to clean up aborted tmp files.
- There is no good way to know what are old files that need pruning.

I was replying to your initial email requesting folks thoughts on
InstantMirror and its direction, in which I asked should it really be
trying to solve all situations or focus on what you called "pretty
useful for home and small office mirrors".   I suggested that it
should focus on what it is good at - home enthusiasts and small office

Can you explain to me why my applications are going to stop working in
three months?  Is it due to the lack of clean-up routines?  Will this
problem go away if there were clean-up routines implemented?


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