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Re: space on the live cds

John Reiser wrote:

After that, why does Fedora not use compression like KNOPPIX?
Using the cloop device with gzip fits a filesystem of about 1.2GB
onto a CD-ROM, while lzma often can squeeze in another 15% or more.

Boot up the f8 livecd and do a df -h. 2+G. Fedora uses squashfs on an ext3 fsimg. Ubuntu gets a bit better because they use unionfs with squashfs native (but only about 5% better). I'm sure fedora will use lzma if/when that squashfs patch gets into fedora's packages.

(and in the name of full disclosure, when I recently complained about the size of selinux, I said something like 100MB. I think that may actually be true, given experiments I made removing it, and related dependencies, though 50M is what I see with packages named selin*&setro*. And those numbers are from the uncompressed (out of 2.1G) size of the livecd, not the compressed size).


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