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Re: bodhi 0.4.10 features

On Jan 27, 2008 11:26 PM, Luke Macken <lmacken redhat com> wrote:

> Agreed.  Waiting to hear back from Jon as to what he meant by it; in the
> mean time, I've reverted bodhi back to using CURRENTRELEASE.

Sorry for the lack of response here.  CURRENTRELEASE or ERRATA sounds
sane to me.  NEXTRELEASE in my private mail to Luke was meant to be
something of a joke (i.e. the next release of bodhi).  Sorry that
didn't make it through e-mail (as many jokes don't :/ ).

I thought that we had agreed to CURRENTRELEASE - however either that
or ERRATA makes sense, whatever the consensus is.  RAWHIDE doesn't
make any sense here, since there's nothing to do with rawhide.

> Sorry for the confusion.  Jon's proposal[0] was approved at the last FESCo
> meeting, but it doesn't specify what to close the bugs as.  John
> Poelstra's bug workflow[1] page illustrates Jon's proposal, but specifies
> that bugs be closed as RAWHIDE.

I'm not sure what the purpose of RAWHIDE here is....it's obviously not
rawhide by the time that it hits stable.  The important thing to take
away from what was decided at FESCo is that the checkbox to not
auto-close bugs is/will be no more.

> I agree with Tom that either ERRATA or CURRENTRELEASE are probably the most
> sane, but we definitely need to come to a consensus, and make it official.

Either one of these work for me, but I personally lean towards ERRATA.
 Whatever people want among those two choices is fine :)

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