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Re: bodhi 0.4.10 features

"Jon Stanley" <jonstanley gmail com> writes:
> On Jan 27, 2008 11:26 PM, Luke Macken <lmacken redhat com> wrote:
>> Sorry for the confusion.  Jon's proposal[0] was approved at the last FESCo
>> meeting, but it doesn't specify what to close the bugs as.  John
>> Poelstra's bug workflow[1] page illustrates Jon's proposal, but specifies
>> that bugs be closed as RAWHIDE.

> I'm not sure what the purpose of RAWHIDE here is....it's obviously not
> rawhide by the time that it hits stable.

One other point here, if I haven't worn out my welcome.  The
previously-cited page defining bug closure states says that RAWHIDE
"should not be used for RHEL bugs", but that is obviously a RHEL-centric
definition.  I argue that in the context of Fedora, RAWHIDE should only
be used to close bugs filed against the current development version (ie,
rawhide) that don't exist in any released version.  If a bug has gotten
into a release branch then it should get closed as ERRATA or
CURRENTRELEASE, as appropriate.

			regards, tom lane

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