Suggestion: Use Liberation fonts as default in Firefox 3

Felix Miata mrmazda at
Mon Jan 28 16:01:07 UTC 2008

On 2008/01/28 16:13 (GMT+0100) Nicolas Mailhot apparently typed:

> Le Lun 28 janvier 2008 15:38, Mark a écrit :

> Thanksfully our font selection is large enough you can find
> alternatives (at least for latin) now

>> As you can see in [2] is that the fonts are looking just better.

> No we can't.

With a suitable frame of reference, yes we can.

> I'm afraid that "looking better" is largely subjective when talking
> about fonts.

If the goal in selecting particular default Firefox fonts is to match the
ubiquitous platform's font metrics so that web pages viewed in Firefox on
Fedora look as much as possible like the very same pages viewed in Firefox on
doz, then Liberation does a far better job than DejaVu, as that was the
precise goal of the Liberation Fonts project.

> So the only thing you've proved is you're used to a style similar to
> Liberation Sans, probably Arial.

I believed he proved the goal of the Liberation project was achieved.
Liberation Sans is the GPL metric equivalent of Arial.

DejaVu Sans is an excellent substitute for Verdana, but the doz default in
Firefox is Arial, not Verdana.
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