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Re: Yum, Proxy Cache Safety, Storage Backend

chasd wrote:

Wild idea:

A yum plugin that short-circuits any downloading where the expected
checksum of the data is known beforehand. It would first ask on the
local network for the file, providing:

      * The baseurl or mirrorlist url.
      * The path relative to the root of the repo.
      * The name of the file.
      * The expected checksum.

If no yum cache service is available on the network, no such service has
a suitable file or the request times out (a short timeout, 1 second
perhaps), the plugin would fall back to the baseurl or mirrors as usual.

That looks to me like an ad-hoc peer-to-peer network.
If you have a small network of machines and want to take advantage of caching, share the files yum has cached locally to other Fedora network nodes.

Sounds like a project for me, eh ?

It sounds fairly horrible to me to have every single application you might run that could share something set up its own file sharing service and client - and I'd expect such things to be actively blocked by sensible firewall administrators. How about something that would act like a symlink of /var/cache/yum to an explicitly mapped shared directory common to the machines? One could offer to be the server, but that shouldn't be a requirement.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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