Suggestion: Use Liberation fonts as default in Firefox 3

Mark markg85 at
Mon Jan 28 17:37:36 UTC 2008

2008/1/28, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at>:
> Le Lun 28 janvier 2008 15:38, Mark a écrit :
> > I have Firefox 3 now on Fedora rawhide and i really disliked the
> > default fonts
> That happens
> > so i played a little with it till i got acceptable
> > results.
> Thanksfully our font selection is large enough you can find
> alternatives (at least for latin) now
> > As you can see in [2] is that the fonts are looking just better.
> No we can't.
> I'm afraid that "looking better" is largely subjective when talking
> about fonts. In particular people exhibit a huge bias in favour of
> whatever font style they're used to. Take any decent modern font,
> force a user to use it exclusively for a month, and he'll
> systematically prefer it afterwards in tests. (hey, some people even
> ended up liking Luxi *shudder*)
> So the only thing you've proved is you're used to a style similar to
> Liberation Sans, probably Arial. Had you spent the time to accustom
> yourself to Fedora defaults you'd be finding Liberation Sans terrible.
> Given that Liberation and DejaVu are about similar quality-wise, and
> some people will hate one and others the reverse, other considerations
> like encoding coverage and upstream reactiveness prevail, and right
> now DejaVu wins those.
> P.S. Though you've still kept Serif as default Firefox family, which
> *is* an ass-backwards Firefox default we should change, since current
> screens do not have enough resolution to display satisfying Serif
> fonts.
> P.P.S. Likewise Mozilla developpers decided at some time monospace
> should be scaled down for no particular good reason, and site authors
> are still fighting this error back with CSS hacks
> P.P.P.S. Also your screenshot exhibits the fugly color fringing of
> subpixel hinting. It may have been your misguided choice, or the
> effect of rawhide currently ignoring user settings to use grayscale
> only. In any way it's not the fonts fault.
> Regards,
> --
> Nicolas Mailhot

Nice analyzing but your off by far.
first: saying : "No we can't." is a very final answer which is, at
this moment, only yours and not said by others.

With the font changing i wasn't trying to mimic a well known other
operating system that is used by about 90% of the desktops. I was
trying to get it back the way it was in Firefox 2 on fedora. Firefox 3
seemed to change the fonts greatly and i wanted it back to the normal
view of FF2.

For the rest it is looking better with those Liberation fonts (i
wonder why that isn't used throughout fedora..).

And for: "Also your screenshot exhibits the fugly color fringing of
subpixel hinting" i noticed.. that's since i updated to rawhide. i
don't know what the issue is in that place. i tried playing with
gnome's font settings but up till now haven't got good results.

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