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Re: long term support release

Ralf Corsepius wrote:

?!? You do not agree that fixing bugs in libraries and applications
people tripped over when running application A in situation X, often
bugs people trip over when running other applications in other
This has happened 1000s of times and will happen 1000s of times again.
Actually, I would consider such cases to be the norm.

In my experience, they end getting fixed by moving forward.
A bug is only fixed if it takes place in the current release.
Strange definition of bug fix.
What's strange about this? In real-life manufacturers will be sued for
"not fixing bugs in a current release" - Avoiding such situations is
called "customer care".

Customer: "Garage, when I turn on my car's head lights, the heating
starts running at full power."
Garage  : "We reported it upstream to the car's manufacturer. You might
try the next model available at your local dealer next year. Until then,
open the windows."

Fedora has a unique situation in this respect though. By policy RHEL will not add new features in updates and since the upstream app developer generally only cares about going forward, that means someone has to do the work of backporting bugfixes minus features into something that sort-of resembles the originally shipped app version. Fedora, however is perfectly free to fix the fedora version by shipping an update to the current app version, accepting the upstream fix in it fully-featured form.

While I'd like to see the final update of a fedora rev. slipstream itself into exactly the packages in RHEL/Centos (at least in the versions where that would make sense) so no extra work would be required to continue running safely with security/bugfix updates for several more years, it could be left up to the packager to decide if he wants to ship more advanced versions (and commit to maintaining them separately). For example, I don't think it made much sense other than following policy to maintain dovecot in it's pre-1.0 version as shipped in RHEL4 after upstream did a 1.x release.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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